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About Us

It takes untiring dedication, passion and conviction to reach a glorious market position for a company. We, ENS Packing Industry Limited, are glad to be able to attain this celebrated position by staying dedicated to providing quality Protective Films & Masking Tapes. All these years, our team hasn't shown a moment of weakness in doing their job roles. Every team member has so far managed to keep intact the passion and conviction required to excel by serving matchless products.

Today, we are renowned worldwide for supreme handling our business responsibility as a manufacturer. Reason behind this lies in our strict quality-focused product designing and developing. Understanding exact requirements of national and international buyers, our team manufactures Mirror Safety Backing Protective Films, Colored Protective Films, Window Glass Film Rolls, etc. Our association with renowned vendors help us get the best quality base materials for production. This also helps us ensure clients a final product line of excellent finish and quality.

Excellent business relationships with customers have been one of our great business wins since the year of inception in 2007. Clients trust us because of our value-driven work culture, quality production approach, deep market knowledge and wide customer service network. We know that it is loyalty of clients, which ensures long business survival of a company. Hence, we perform quality work in almost all business operations to leave a great impression on clients.

Our Specialty: High Quality Products

High quality manufactured line that encompasses Window Glass Film Rolls, Colored Protective Films, etc., is our strong business specialty. This makes us different from companies, which in name of quality serve inferior products to clients at high prices. Knowing the importance of quality for clients, we examine the designed range stringently at our facility prior to the process of shipment. Rigorous examination of products using modern machines assists us in serving clients only the best.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Our customer-focused business ideology, progressive outlook, in-depth business understanding and great knowledge of latest production techniques.
  • Our idea of giving same business treatment to all clients irrespective of their capacity of placing orders.
  • Our swift delivery system, which ensures timely reaching of orders pertaining to Masking Tapes & Protective Films at customers' destinations.